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Killer Pool Game

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Killer Pool Game

What is a Killer Pool Game?

Killer or Killers “Killers Pool Game” is a multi-player variant of straight pool. Players are assigned a set number of “lives” and takes one shot per round to attempt to pocket (pot) a ball. If the player misses the shot, then he loses a life. If the player scratches or commits a foul, then a life is lost also. On the break shot, If the player does not pocket a ball, he DOES NOT lose a life (in which case the player is allowed to shoot again).


Have fun playing! Enjoy the game, the crowd and the company. Meet new friends along the way and win cash prizes while playing the most popular pub pool game of all time.

Last Man Standing Wins !!!

Killer Pool is a popular pub game because it can involve a potentially unlimited number of players. It offers the opportunity for each player to bet a small amount of money for a reasonable return in winner-takes-all.

It is also a fun game to play for everyone especially in a small bar with only one pool table. Aside from the cash prizes involved, Killer Pool Game offers an opportunity for everybody in the bar to interact and enjoy the game at the same time. Therefore opening new doors to gain new friends.

Play the exciting game of “Killer Pool” and get a chance to meet new friends and earning some beer money at the same time !!!

How to play “Killer Pool”.

  1. Every participant draws a number from a bucket to determine the order of players, and are given “lives” usually 3-5 lives depending on the game rules applied.
  2. The player who draws the lowest number starts by breaking the rack.
    • No balls are potted on the break, the player gets another shot.
    • Ball is potted on the break, the next player shoots to continue the game.
  3. Every player get only one turn to shoot following the order determined in Step 1, and must pocket any ball on the table.
    • A player does not pocket a ball on his turn, he loses a life.
    • If a player scratches on a shot, meaning the “White” ball goes in the pocket, it is a foul and the player loses a life.
  4. If a player continues missing his shots and has No Lives left, he is out of the game and erased from the board.
  5. Play continues until there is only one name left on the board.
    • If all the balls on the table has been potted already and there are still multiple names on the board, the table is re-racked and play continues with the player next to the player who potted the last ball.
  6. The last name left on the board is the winner of the Killers Pool game.